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After a 15-year career in the automotive parts business, I have made the transition to a new venture - web site development. Actually, I was in charge of much of the web site development for the automotive parts company that I worked for since early 1999. While I didn't write the code for that company, I was responsible for nearly all of the content and much of the functionality. That was until the company eventually closed at the end of 2008 due to shrinking profit margins.

Aside from working on the company web site, I filled a number of other roles including: sales, customer service, marketing, merchandising, purchasing, set up new suppliers, managed inventory, and even handled payables among other things. This wide range of experience means that I can help business owners decide on the features and content that are relevant to their customers, their staff, and their suppliers.

Aside from company experience with web development, I applied the programming skills I was learning to my cactus growing hobby! I wanted to experiment with different web site building techniques and thought "Why not do it about something fun like cactus?" In 2002, I started building and have been working on it and other web site ever since.

I am located in Long Prairie, MN where I have a home office setup. This small town/in-home setup means low overhead and that translates to unbeatable prices. I am equally comfortable discussing possibilities on the phone or via e-mail. I recognize that many people are intimidated by web site projects they are unfamiliar with the technology behind it all. In response, I will gladly go over the technical details with you in plain english to ensure you get the most from your web site. helpful web design

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