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CactiGuide is my own personal web site. It has been a sort of "proving grounds" for me to try new technology and practice coding complex functions. The features are rich and there are a number of resources that I've built into the background that I use to manage the large amount of content.

While I'm always adding new features to this site, the design has become a bit older. When time permits I hope to give it a face-lift.

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Exotic Plant Books is also my web site and business. It is a fully functional e-commerce site that I built from the ground up. I gleaned the color scheme and general layout from a nursery website that I liked and modified it to make it a dynamic product catalog. Aside from allowing customers to shop and order, this site also features a customer account page where existing customers can log in to check their order history and shipping status as well as modify their account details. The catalog content, inventory management, and order status processing are all handled via the website using an administrator password to perform back-end functions. Inventory levels automatically update when an order is placed and payment is made.

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Matt's Landscape

Matt is an enthusiastic grower who specializes in Hybrid Epiphyllums. He has hundreds and hundreds of plants that he lists for sale in an online catalog. He had many specific requirements for the ordering process that were built into the custom shopping cart on this page. A special shipping calculator also handles various size products and differentiates between domestic and international rates.

This page also includes an entire back end content manager that enables Matt to add page content, products, and even check on customer orders.

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WR Caskets

A local casket maker needed this web site to give details on the available styles and options for his caskets and urns. The owner had printed brochures and we were able to expand on that existing content to speed along the site's construction.

To keep an appropriate look and feel for the type of product, we went with a funeral home motif.

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Minnesota Ceiling Specialists

These guys remove the old acoustic (popcorn) ceiling material and replace it with a modern, knockdown texture. The owner is not what you would call a computer guy, but knew the importance of having a web site. He was able to supply me with the text and content and let me worry about putting it all on-line.

For this site, we went with a simple, clean, and colorful design.

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Orange County Cactus & Succulent Society

This is one of several non-profit organization web sites that I've built. In this case, I utilized the WordPress publishing platform and customized it to suit. In this way other members of the society are able to update and add content to the site without my involvement.

Another great application I used for posting events on this web site is Google Calendar.

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River Glen Gardens

River Glen Gardens is one man's lifelong work; a 75 acre botanical garden and natural history museum. Part of the goal with this site was to post images that give old friends and potential visitors a real feel for the place.

I used JAlbum, an image gallery publishing application to build the picture gallery and then built the rest of the site around that template.

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